Name: PassionSmiths
Location: London, The UK
Expertise: Coaching for men and women

PassionSmiths is a team of three coaches that is headed by psychologist Madeleine Mason MBPsS. Madeleine has more than 15 years experience in mental health and psychology, where she is trained in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Applied Positive Psychology. She is currently undertaking a PhD in Counselling Psychology, focusing on romantic relationships.

PassionSmiths' approach to helping clients is not only based on years of experience, but also on methods based on modern psychology. Madeleine and her team will first address the frustration or problem you are having, and also try to address the root of this. When this is identified, PassionsSmiths will help you better understand the situation, and help you apply the remedies to overcome your problems. The PassionSmiths team is a group of highly trained and accredited professionals with a long track record of helping people with dating challenges and frustrations.

You may not currently attract potential dates, you may struggle on the first date, you may keep meeting the wrong people, etc. Madeleine and her team will help you remove limiting beliefs you may have, help you restore your confidence (if necessary), and support and guide you. Sometimes, talking to someone and seeing the situation from a different angle is what you need to get started in helping yourself.

The counselling is one-on-one and in person with Madeleine or a person from her team. The different coaches have different expertise, so your coach will depend on your specific need. Each coach will create a program unique to you.

In addition to dating coaching, PassionSmiths also offer relationship counselling for people already in a relationship.

To get help from Madeleine and her team, you can contact them on the email listed above. If you tell her that you found her on DatingJungle (you can just mention this in the email you send her), you will receive a brief consultation free of charge.

If you worked with PassionSmiths, we would love to hear how it went and how you liked working with them. You can send us a message here.