Lovestruck Review

Lovestruck was launched in 2006, but was back then called ‘Lunch Date London’ and aimed at facilitating lunch dates in the UK’s busy capital. It targeted busy young professionals who had little time and were keen to kill two birds with one stone: dating and eating lunch. It enabled users to quickly set up casual dates nearby, and thereby avoid spending an entire evening on a date.

However, times have changed and today Lovestruck caters to a wider audience than just the lunch-crowd. It has also expanded to other cities in the UK and abroad. It still targets relatively young working professionals and makes your profession (your industry, job-title, income and education) a key focus, but it has now become more of a mainstream search-based dating site.

Setting up a Lovestruck account and creating a profile is pretty straight forward. You provide your basics such as age, gender, etc. and then add information about your appearance (height, body type, eye and hair colour), dress style, your age, the industry you work in, job title, income, education, relationship status, children, nationality, ethnicity, religion, and whether you smoke or drink. The information you supply is mostly chosen from a menu of options. You can also choose to not disclose some of this information (e.g. income) if you don’t want to. You will also be asked to add pictures, either from your computer phone / tablet, from Facebook or take one on the go.

lovestruck app
lovestruck app

In addition, there is the option to add information about your favourite sports and hobbies, things you like to do, what music and movies you like. The last part of the profile setup is to write anything you want about yourself, in at least 50 words. That’s it. In total, this setup should take you about 20 minutes, however it could take longer if you write an extensive self-summary.

When you have completed your profile, you are taken to the main page of Lovestruck which is a newsfeed page similar to your Facebook main page. It shows you who just joined Lovestruck, who updated a photo, who changed their profile, whose birthday it is today, etc. Every time you make a change to your profile, this will show up on the newsfeed. Btw, by showing up on the newsfeed frequently, your profile is likely to be seen by more users.

The main way you find potential dates on Lovestruck is via its search function (you can also link up with potential dates through Date Ideas - more about this in a little). You first decide which criteria you fancy, such as gender, age range, location, height, body type, eye colour, ethnicity, education, etc. You then have three options to display candidates. The first is to see the profiles ranked by best matches based on the search criteria. The second option is to see these matches ranked by who is closest to you geographically, and the third option is to see these matches ranked by which profiles are the newest.

You can then browse through the various matches and see if you find someone you like. When you click on someone’s profile, you get to see his or her pictures, the area the person lives in, the information the person submitted when setting up the profile, the self-summary, any Date Ideas her or she may have submitted, and whether he or she has been verified (more about this also in a little).

If you see a person you like, e.g. a blond non-smoker, who likes the same music as you and who is within 10 miles of you, you can then send that person a wink, a message, or save the person to your favourites. Btw, if you add a person to your favourites, that person will be notified. Lovestruck also gives you a summary of all messages you have sent and received, winks sent and received and also who you added to favorites and vice versa. 

Lovestruck has also noticed that there often is a difference between what you claim you are looking for, and what you are actually looking for. Therefore, Lovestruck developed a matching system that collects information from who you view, who you send winks to, who you save as favourites and who you message. It also uses this information to display candidates it thinks you would be interested in. For instance, if you set 'athletic' as the body type you want your dates to have, but you also view people whose body type is different, Lovestruck will 'learn' that you are also interested in these other body types and hence also provide profiles with these body types.

lovestruck dating site reviews
lovestruck dating site review

Lovestruck lets users verify their profiles through LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter (this information is manually checked by Lovestruck staff). Although not fool-proof, this should increase the likelihood that a verified member is who he or she claims to be. All profiles will display a verification badge if verified. Lovestruck also checks and approves all newly created profiles, including checking profile photos. This approval process may take up to 24 hours.

Lovestruck enables users to suggest Date Ideas on the Date Idea board. If the idea is approved by Lovestruck (crazy date ideas will be discarded), it will be posted. If you post a Date Idea, other users can ask you out on this date. And vice versa, if you see someone you like and they have posted an interesting date idea, you can ask him or her out on this date. It’s another way of contacting potential dates.

Also, Lovestruck organizes events for its members. The majority of the events are casual get-togethers at bars and lounges, but there is also the occasional activity based event (dancing, comedy, quiz) as well.

In addition, Lovestruck has a blog called LOVElife that publishes dating news, dating advice, dating ideas, dating opinions, etc. This can be accessed by members and non-members.

How is it different?

Lovestruck is different from most other dating services in that it caters to a very specific niche: young city professionals. It targets young working people that live busy lives and who want to find someone similar to themselves. It is also mostly a service for London as this is where the vast majority of its users are. However, other cities and countries are catching on.

Also, the Date Idea feature where you can suggest a date (for instance coffee at St. Martins Café by the river) for anyone to see, is something you don’t normally find on other dating sites.


Who uses the site?

Most of the users you find on Lovestruck are looking for love and a long-term partner. There are also people on Lovestruck who seek casual relationships, but these are in the minority. Also, because it is a paid-for search-based dating service, it is probably fair to assume that most people are looking for something for the long-term.

lovestruck dating app review
lovestruck dating app reviews

The typical Lovestruck user is a city-dweller who is well educated and lives a busy professional life. The website was initially launched in London, and London is still where most of the Lovestruck users are.

Most Lovestruck members are young professionals in their 20s and 30s. The average age of members is 31 years.

There are also a balanced male to female ratio on Lovestruck, with 48% women and 52% men.


Design and Functionality

The design of the desktop / laptop version is fine and it works well, but many users would probably agree that it lacks a little bit of oomph and life. Also, some of the text is displayed with colour and font sizes that for some may be a bit difficult to see. Otherwise the website is relatively easy on the eye and well designed. 

The functionality of the desktop / laptop version is good, and it’s easy to navigate around the different features the website offers. It is well organized and having the menu always displayed up top helps make jumping from page to page easy.

The design of the app is pretty, simple and nice to look at. It's a bit of an improvement from the desktop / laptop version as it is more compact and quicker to use. The feature whereby you can swipe left to get a summary of your messages, and swipe right to get the menu containing all the apps functions, is very good. Also, when returning a search result on the app, you get to see 9 profiles on one screen - which is unusual, but which also works surprisingly well. The functionality of the app is very good, and it is very simple to use.


What do you get with the free version?

The free version allows you to set up a profile, browse the website, check out profiles of other users, send winks and like users’ Date Ideas. However, you won’t be able to send or receive messages, see who has added you to their favourites, see who has viewed you and who you have otherwise communicate with.

To sign up for the free version is helpful if you want to understand how the service works, to see if you like it and also to find out if there are a reasonable number of users in your area. However, with the free version, you cannot communicate with anyone and therefore you will not be able to set up any dates. In order to send messages and set up dates, you need to become a paid subscriber.

lovestruck website review

The Costs

Lovestruck gives you four options for length (and cost) of membership. You can choose between 1, 3, 6 and 12 month membership plans. The prices for these memberships are listed in the table.

Although it is a fee based site, Lovestruck does let you sign up to use the service for free for three days. This is unlikely to be enough time to find and meet many (or any) dates, but will let you try out the service in full. To see this and other special offers, please take a look at the Special Offers page.

The cost of a Lovestruck membership also depends on your location. While you have to pay £39.00 for a one month standard membership in London, the same plan will cost you £19.00 in Edinburgh.

You can also choose from two different membership levels; Standard and Premium. What separates these two plans are different features. With the Premium package you have all the features of the Standard package, but in addition you can check out profiles without anyone knowing that you visited, you can boost your profile (or hide it) in search results and you will receive priority customer service.

How to cancel your membership?

You make the payments for the 1, 3, 6 and 12 month plans upfront. There are no payment plans, so you will have to pay the full amount in one payment. You can cancel the subscription anytime, but you will not be entitled to a refund for any un-used periods.

Unless you cancel your membership or de-select auto-renewal two working days before it ends, it will be automatically renewed and you will re-billed for a new subscription on the same terms as the old one.

To cancel your subscription, you need to go to My account, then go to Deactivate my account and select the option under Irreversibly terminate your account.

You can also go to My account and de-select the Auto-renewal option. This will enable you to use the service until the end of the term that you already paid for.

You can also email a cancellation request to This email must contain your Lovestruck username and be sent from the email address that you use for your Lovestruck account. This must also be done at least two working days before your subscription is up.

You can also send an email to this address if you wish to retain your account but want to cancel your automatic subscription renewal.

If your subscription was purchased through a third party account, such as iTunes or Amazon, the subscription must be cancelled through the third party provider.

lovestruck dating website reviews


lovestruck dating website review
lovestruck review

Available in which countries?

Lovestruck is available in Singapore, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Sydney, New York, Dublin, London, Birmingham, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Leeds, Liverpool and Manchester.

Lovestruck has about 500,000 users world-wide, with the majority of these being in London. This is significantly fewer than some of its competitors, and a key reason for this is that it is focusing on a niche market (young professionals) and because it for a long time was only available in London.  



Lovestruck does allow for persons of the same sex to connect, however it is not considered a particular great service for this. Very few singles that seek same-sex partners use Lovestruck simply because the pool of gay and lesbian candidates on Lovestruck is rather limited. Also, it doesn’t have features that are tailored to same-sex dating, and there are no LGBT specific events. In addition, when you select what you are looking for, you can seek either male or female, but not both. So in other words, you are not ‘allowed’, to be bi-sexual on Lovestruck.

lovestruck app
lovestruck dating site reviews


  • Easy and quick to set up and to get stated searching for dates
  • Good for young city-dwellers and professionals who want to meet likeminded people
  • Good if you are in London (as most users are London based)
  • Balanced male to female ratio
  • Date-idea feature can be a good way of getting on a date
  • Users can verify profiles through Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn
  • Allows you to see when other users were last logged in
  • Well designed and user-friendly app


  • Relatively small number of users and only available in certain large cities
  • Monthly subscription is more expensive in London than other cities
  • Automatic renewal of your membership unless you either cancel membership or de-select automatic renewal two days before it expires
  • Difficult to gauge whether a user is a paid and active member or not (but seeing last time the user was online helps)
  • You can’t specify what type of relationship you are looking for (casual, serious, etc.)
  • Not good for LGBT
  • Design of desktop version could be more appealing


Lovestruck was initially launched as Lunch Date London in 2006. One of the founders, Brett Harding, came up with the idea after repeatedly spending whole evenings on dates that went nowhere. So instead of committing a whole evening, he thought why not meet up for a casual 45 minute lunch around work? Then two birds could be killed with one stone – lunch and a date.

Given the limited market for lunch dates and the desire to expand the business, Lunch Date London became Lovestruck in 2008. The site then shifted focus from lunch dates to any kind of dates, however it kept the focus on young city professionals.

lovestruck dating site review
lovestruck dating app reviews

Lovestruck also expanded to Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds, Liverpool, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Dublin, Hong Kong, Singapore, Tokyo, Sydney and New York in 2008.

In 2010, Lovestruck launched mobile phone apps and also started a marketing campaign with Lovestruck ads on the London tubes.

In 2013, Lovestruck was named UK’s 5th top startup company, having a 5-year growth rate of more than 1,300%.


Privacy / Safety

Lovestruck staff proofreads users’ profiles and approves / declines them before they go live. This helps remove fake and incomplete profiles.

Lovestruck also lets its users verify their profiles through Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. It can be seen from a profile whether it has been verified or not. Although not fool-proof, it helps ensure that profiles are more accurate.

You have the option to block or hide users that you don’t want contact with. However, you are not able to restrict users from contacting you based on criteria such as age, location, etc.

You can also choose to only allow people you have added to your favourites to see either your profile or your profile but not your pictures.



67% of Lovestruck users prefer the traditional evening date to other dates.

More than 40% of Lovestruck daters say that £30 is the amount that they are prepared to spend on a first date.

50% of Lovestruck daters can tell if the chemistry is there within 10 minutes – 75% within half an hour.

Of the lovestruck users, 50% of men say that a good face is essential in a partner. For women this is 19%. 31% of men say that a gorgeous body is essential, while this is only essential for 6% of the women.

62% of Lovestruck daters expect to sleep together by the third date.

lovestruck dating website reviews