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There is an abundace of online dating websites and apps out there. In the US, there are more than three thousand different ones, and in the UK, there are almost two thousand dating sites and apps.

Yep, you read that right! The growth of the online dating industry has been out of control over the last few years, and particularly after mobile phones were advanced enough to enable location-based searching. Think Tinder.

If you are new to online dating - or even if you are a veteran, how on earth do you go about selecting the right online dating service for you? If you are somewhat normal, you are not going to sift through all of them - or probably not even 50 of them. It just takes too much time.

We have good news for you. We have already done the hard work. We may not be entirely normal, because we have gone through hundreds of dating services. And we have created in-depth reviews of the most popular ones.


This way, we have saved you lots of time (and perhaps frustration). You can simply read our reviews to get all the information you need - in minutes. With this, you should be equipped to decide which of these online dating websites / apps are right for you.

We hope we can make your life easier -- and we hope we can help you find the online dating service that suits you.

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