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October 03,  2016

Natasha (35): The Most Wonderful First Date I've Had In 12 Months!

By DatingJungle

Hi guys, I'm Natasha. I'm 35 years old, single and live in London. I've gone on numerous dates over the years, but rarely have I had a first date as nice as I had yesterday. I had so much fun, it was interesting, I was engaged, time flew away and after the date, my face hurt because I had been smiling the whole evening.

I wish all my first dates were like this one. Actually that would probably make me addicted to dating. Or who knows, I might potentially be married with one of them by now..

Anyways, I am writing this because I want you guys out there to hear this from a woman's perspective - what makes a wonderful first date. Maybe you can make YOUR first dates even better?

We had first connected on a dating site, chatted and agreed to meet up. We met for coffee at a hipster cafe in central London in the late afternoon. He was on time, gave me a quick hug, looked me in the eyes, smiled, was confident and from the very first minute we met, demonstrated genuine interest in me. This was not about him (from his side), rather he was keenly interested in getting to know me, learn what my life was like, what I enjoyed, etc.

He asked questions, but it would not feel like an interview. After I answered a question, he would often follow up with a short funny story from his life relating to whatever we spoke about. I would feel compelled to ask him questions and pour out stories from my life. The conversation was fluid, it had a life of its own, it was completely effortless. It was engaging and fun, it just fuelled on itself and went all over the place.

At the same time, he was considerate, constantly made sure I was comfortable and ensured that I had a good time. He made sure I was not cold, that I did not run out of coffee, and that I was engaged in the conversation. He was really good at reading me and keeping me in the happy zone.

He was confident and happy with himself. And he was super energized and super focused - just watching and listening to him was exciting. It was like I wanted to be part of this fun and intriguing person's life.

Towards the end of the date, he made it crystal clear that he had had a wonderful afternoon and wanted to meet again. He said he was free on so and so dates, and left to me to decide later whether this was something that I wanted too, hence I felt like no pressure.

Its been a day since I met this guy, but I am still in a good mood from yesterday and I am still buzzing with excitement.