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February 13,  2017

Bring in the Fun and Enjoyment with No Strings Attached Relationships

By DatingJungle

What is life without a little fun and excitement? Sometimes you need to get rid of the baggage of emotions and enjoy the roller coaster ride of life.You might be emotionally drained after failed relationships. Life is too short to moan over broken relationships. Maybe what you need is a no-strings-attached relationships? A satisfying, fun, stress-free relationship without any emotional attachment? But you need to keep it that way to make it work.

Here are the key tips to make this kind of relationship function well:
1) Choose the right person,
2) Don't hang out together,
3) Be clear about contraception,
4) Experiment,
5) End it if jealousy arrives,
6) Don't give expectations of emotional involvement, and
7) Don't include them in your future plans


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