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February 09,  2017

Guess where I found my future fiance-Tinder

By DatingJungle

People find it hard to believe that I met my life partner on Tinder. They react to it as if I just got lucky, but they will not attempt something like this for themselves. They don't believe love happens on Tinder. Of course, I don't need anyone's approval to how I found Nicole, the woman of my dreams.

Meeting her on Tinder is in no way any less realistic than any other means. After having lived in the city alone for three and a half years, I was insecure professionally; I didn't have a community in the city, so using a dating app was for me a great way to meet people.

I joined Tinder and it led to something I had not anticipated, as I didn't have much expectations before I started. However, Tinder brought me a happy marriage with a wonderful partner.

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