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February 03,  2017

Current Dating Styles- A Mix-up of the Old and the New

By DatingJungle

When you hear the word dating, the thoughts you create in your mind depend on your past dating experiences. You may associate pleasant memories with it. On the other hand, you may have negative emotions surface at the thought.


Your views on dating are also age dependent. Earlier, dating was a formal activity where the boy asked the girl out. Chivalry was the norm. The boy would open the doors, pay the check, etc.


With growing feminism, there are changes in the dating scenario. Today's woman will not mind asking her man out. Boys are using means such as texting to approach a date. Sharing the check has also become quite common.


However, many women still find the ways of yesteryear charming. This has resulted in a total mashup of the old and new dating styles.


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