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February 02,  2017

Online Dating Has Finally Become Socially Acceptable

By DatingJungle

We do everything online these days: pay bills, buy our clothes, buy food, read news and generally obtain or buy much of what we need on a daily basis.

However, for the longest time, it was not socially acceptable to find a partner online. Online dating was tabu. Looking at this, it seems counter intuitive. Its hard to meet a compatible partner through friends, at a bar or at random. It makes a lot of sense that people that are too busy to spend time seeking a partner in the old ways look for a partner online. There is also another good argument for why anyone might consider online dating.

It gives the individual control of things, its empowering. One can choose what one is looking for, age, interests, sexuality and perhaps most important, it makes it much easier to approach someone. And the evidence says that it works, as millions on couples are now meeting online every year.


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