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February 04,  2017

Should A Woman Take The Initiative?

By DatingJungle

Maria Avgitidis the founder of Agape Match in this post shares her words of wisdom when it comes to dating. She said if she were single, she would simply go to Whole Foods every day, and start  conversations with men. The men there are generally super good looking, and also you know they make
good money or else you can't shop there.

She also suggests leaving the earphones at home when your're out and about, as you need to look and be available for a chat. Who knows where the right partner will be?

According to her, men also prefer confident women. They want women that have have their own lives, opinions and preferences. And also, it is totally ok for a woman to ask a man out. In fact, many men appreciates this. Imagine all the wonderful men you haven't met because you didn't take the initiative?

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