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February 22,  2017

Derek and Danielle Match Through Match

By DatingJungle

Just when Danielle’s subscription on Match was coming to an end, she spotted Derek’s profile on the site. Both of them quickly exchanged numbers. Soon enough they were dating almost five times in a week!

As they spent more time with each other, they felt that they had found the kind of partner they were seeking. The funniest moment was when they gave each other the exact same Christmas card. They both felt that there was
certainly a special connection between the two of them.

They planned to visit Derek’s parents for Thanksgiving at North Carolina. During their holiday they attended a Carolina Panthers game. Danielle was awestruck when Derek proposed to her that night via the stadium’s jumbotron.

They got married in November and despite ups and down, have grown to become better together and make an awesome team.


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