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February 24,  2017

Is This The Future Of Online Dating?

By DatingJungle

What if you walked by a stranger in the street and you mobile phone could tell you whether this person was single or not? That is potentially the future if Tinder CEO Sean Rad is right with his predictions.

He thinks one day we will be able to point our phones to a person to get information about whether this person is single or in a relationship.

He was inspired by traffic light parties where people dress in red, green or amber to indicate their relationship status.

He says that daters could use augmented reality and send out virtual coloured signals to passers-by on the street. Singles would show up as green and those in a relationship as red. Hence, people will be able to know the relationship status of strangers without even talking to them. To be honest, we question whether laws would allow this level of 'stepping into' people's personal lives. But time will tell.


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