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March 17,  2017

Tinder Select for Hotties

By DatingJungle

Tinder has a secret version called Tinder Select. This is not a separate App but a built-in layer in the regular Tinder.

However, it cannot be accessed by everyone. It is available only to an exclusive few. There is no information available regarding how one can become a member of the select group.

Existing pool comprises CEOS, supermodels, other hyper-attractive/upwardly affluent type of people. It is basically a group of celebrities and people who have done well on regular Tinder.

Unofficial sources say that Tinder Select Users can nominate others for this membership.

Tinder Select uses a navy-blue interface instead of the regular pinkish orange.

So, on your next blind date, look for the Tinder interface on date’s phone. This will reveal a lot about your date!


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