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March 24,  2017 Presents The 20 Unwritten Rules Of Online Dating

By DatingJungle

The veteran online dating website has compiled a list of the 20 unwritten rules of online dating for 2017. Times have changed, attitudes have changed and online dating has changed. has based on how its users interact come up with the map for how things happen in 2017.

The old rules about playing hard to get, wait so and so long to message the other person, that the man always take the first initiative, the man always paying at a date, getting intimate only on the third date -- are no longer the norm. Today, things are more balanced, more equal and more fluid. Women are also more empowered and independent. Most women know what they want.

If you are new to online dating in 2017, or even if you have been online for a while, you may want to read this.


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