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April 12,  2017

How To Send Good Text Messages

By DatingJungle

Dating may have become easier and quicker these days, given the advances in technology. We have messaging, messenger apps, email, Skype, etc. and this communication is by and large text based. This is great in many ways, but it also makes the communication more one-dimensional. There is no body language or tonality, and it's easier to misunderstand the message.

Yes, there are emoticons, but the only go so far. As a result, people often read between the lines and try to interpret what the message means. This is often not a good idea as you are simply fumbling in the dark.

Also, many people also become impatient when it takes too long (in their opinion) for the other person to reply to your message. Or people see that the other person has been online but not answered. It can drive you crazy trying to analyze these situation.

You may be better of chill out and not be too obsessive about whats happening on your phone. If there is interest, the person will get back to you, and will do so in time.

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