The Best Online Dating Sites

Which dating site is the best one? Which one should you choose?


We will try to give you the answer, but first, we need to determine what you are looking for. Because the various dating sites cater to different audiences which have different preferences.


Would you like to find a soulmate? A person who clicks with your personality? One who shares similar characteristics, interests and preferences? If so, we recommend trying out eHarmony.


eHarmony takes you through about 250 questions and matches you with other users who give answers that are compatible with yours. eHarmony then finds matches for you, which means that you review your matches and communicate with the ones that you like. I takes a while to answer all the questions, but many have found it well worth the effort. Hundreds of thousands of people have found their significant others on eHarmony, and eHarmony has produced thousands of marriages. eHarmony is a paid site, and one of the benefits of this is that these paid members are generally serious about their efforts.


OKCupid could also be a good alternative if you are looking for a close connection. Although OKCupid does not require you to answer a certain number of questions, it encourages you to answer as many as possible. Based on the answers you give to these questions, OKCupid gives you a percentage score of how well you match with other users. You may learn that you are a 72% match with a certain person, and based on this you may want to contact him or her. A drawback with OKCupid however, is that you cannot prevent people from initially contacting you, so you could get your inbox filled with unwanted messages. OKCupid also has several other ways of finding matches, and it is also used by people who are looking for more casual relationships.


A third good alternative for finding a soulmate, is a site that is not yet reviewed on DatingJungle, but which is called Matchaffinity. It is a sister-site of Match and is very similar to eHarmony.


If you still want to find a long-lasting and close connection, but want a less meticulous matching process, we would recommend Match. Match is used by millions of people worldwide who are mostly looking for love and a long-term relationship.

Match takes you through basic questions such as what you like, whether you smoke or drink, physical appearance, etc. When you have completed your profile, Match lets you search for matches based on these criteria, and it allows you to message them directly. For instance, if you find someone in your area who also plays tennis, doesn't smoke, shares similar interests and who you also find attractive, you can send a message to say hi. Given that Match is a paid site, most people you meet are also committed to finding a loving partner.


Lovestruck is also a good alternative in this category, but mostly if you live in London or larger cities in the UK. Lovestruck is similar to Match in many ways, but focuses on people who are busy urban professionals as it makes your job a key focus in the matching process. Most people on Lovestruck are busy urban dwellers who are serious about finding a long-term partner. Lovestruck is also a paid site which means most people using it are genuine and serious.


If you instead are interested in something more casual, and where matching is largely based on physical appearance, we would recommend Tinder. Many people use Tinder for hook-ups and easy connections. 


Tinder is an app which lets you swipe left or right on profiles depending on whether you like or dislike what you see. And what you see are pictures of the person and a very short description (if the user added this). Although Tinder is casual, many people also do find close connections and serious relationships here.


In addition to Tinder, there are also apps that work in similar ways such as Happn, Hinge, Bumble and Inner Circle. None of these are yet reviewed on DatingJungle.